Alto WebIO : Ethernet TCP/IP remote I/O modules


Sturdy aluminium case. Industrial grade paint.
Compact product : Width x Height x Depth = 128 x 145 x 72 mm
Protection : IP30
Disconnectable connectors.
A descriptive label and a LED per input/ouput.

Voltage : 24Vdc
Operating temperature : -20°C +70°C  

Quick anchoring clip on DIN symmetrical rail.

* 1 Ethernet 10 base T Channel
* 1 RS232/RS485 channnel
* 1 RS232 channel

RANGE of I/O boards

* Digital inputs : IEC61131 type 1 resistive. Input current = 5mA
* Digital inputs with sensor wire control : 4 informations per input : Normal open, normal close, open failure, short circuit.
* Digital static output : Type P, 500mA, redundant command
* Digital relay output : 1 contact single pole normally open; Coil 24V; 3A on resistive load, 2A on inductive load
* Tension analog input : Choice of range by software : +-100mV , +-1V , +-10V
* Current analog input : Choice of range by software : +-20mA ; 4-20mA
* Analog outputs : 0-20mA or 0-10V , 12 bits

List of input/output boards
IO referencePower Supply voltagenumber of logical inputsnumber of logical outputsnumber of analog inputsnumber of analog outputs
B101 / 106 / 10724V24 /16 /88
B10324V168 relay  
B108 / 10924V4410 / 8 (*)2 / 0(*)
B11324V24 SWC4 relay  
B213 (on demand)110-220Vac24 SWC4 relay  

(*) 0-10V and -20/+20mA (choice by switch)
SWC : sensor wire control (4 conditions : normally open, normally close, short circuit, cut off circuit)

ALTO WebIO : A remote input output module over Ethernet

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Alto WebIO is a Modbus TCP slave and can send emails if events on the inputs.

Alto webIO is a smart remote input output module. It doesn't need any workbench for start up.

At power-up, Alto webIO is looking for an IP address from a DHCP or BootP server. The operator logs on to the Alto with a browser. Alto displays the home page.

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The embedded web server allows
* to configure the products (server adresses, email wording, passwords, ...)
* to display input states on line
* to force outputs for test
* to configure filtering of inputs, blinking of outputs
* to configure withdrawn output positions if ethernet communication failure
* ...

Download the ALTO WebIO brochure

Download the ALTO WebIO user manual

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