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Railway substations energy management

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LT in 25kV sub-station of RFF (French Railway Network) (Credit photo : SNCF / Jean Louis Jung)

Sub-stations power management with LT Energy for :


    1500 Vcc Lines :
Dijon Line, Bordeaux-Montauban Line, Narbonne-PortBou Line, Paris-Orléans Line, Bordeaux-Irun Line, Bordeaux-Toulouse Line, Montpellier-Marseille Line ...

    25 kV High Speed Train Lines :
 South East line, Atlantic line, North line, Mediterranean line, Lyon-Valence.

    25 kV lines :
 Tours-Vierzon line, Amiens-Rouen line, Rennes-Brest line, Nevers-Clermont line,  Rennes-Quimper line, Poitiers-La Rochelle line, Nantes-Cherbourg line, Marseille-Vintimille line, Rennes-saint Malo line ...

   and many other substations in railway market.

ACS in sub station of Seoul-Pusan line (Korean HST)

* LUXEMBOURG   :     25 kV sub-stations of the lines :

Belval, Walferdange, Huncherrange, Dommeldange, Schrassig, Mertert, Hagelsdorf, Datrenbusch, Roodt, Leudelange, Rodange.

* KOREA : Korean High Speed Train network (Seoul-Pusan line)

High voltage distribution center

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Energy backup switching and control command
with the LT Energy.

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(Credit photo : Jean Louis Jung - SNCF)

Detection of stealthy events
and memorization of electrical defects
in distribution boards
with TES.

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