LT range : the modular platform

NATO code of LT with LT200 CPU : 7022-14-577-6051

Mechanical and hardware presentation

- ROBUSTNESS : each module is enclosed in a aluminium cabinet which allows a protection against electro-magnetic interference and a good thermal dissipation.

- COMPACITY: Height x Depth : 105 mm x 84 mm ; Width = 25mm x Number of modules

- MODULARITY : LT supports up to 15 I/O blocks. A block has between 2 and 5 modules.

A logical block has between 8 and 32 inputs or outputs.
An analogue block has between 4 and 16 channels. 

Up to 2 extension racks.      Width of the base on demand.

The classic LT has connectors with screw terminals.

The base is fixed by asymmetrical DIN rail mounting (EN 50035-G32  (32 x 15mm)) or by brackets for screwing to a grid or a plate.

CPU LT200 for severe environments

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LT200 SubD Connectors

* The LT200 CPU operates between  -40°C and +70°C
* Ethernet connector with push pull protection
* I/O connectors : subD terminals
* The base is screwed down by brackets for screwing (M6) to a grid or plate.
* The boards are vernished.

The CPU LT200 is suitable for severe environments (shocks, vibrations, temperatures): transportation system, nordic or asian climate.

LT 1U or 2U

Front panel with leds and workbench connection

Suitable for the installations with height restrictions, 
Leroy Automation can provide the LT in a rack 19 inches 1U or 2U, according to the number of cards.
Input/Output wiring at the rear panel.

Rear panel, here subD connectors

Central Processor Units and Software tools


LT200 CPU is designed for embedded systems, automatisation in harsh environments, sensitive site monitoring, etc...

Download the LT200 brochure

Software workbenches :

* IEC61131-3 Straton workbench
* the Linux Software Development Kit (C Programming)


The LT160 CPU supports up to 6 asynchronous channels and 1 Ethernet channel.

Software workbenches :
* a quick parametrable system with OPAL32 tool 
* an IEC61131-3  PLC with Isagraf V3 workbench

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