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Last update :  7th November 2017

LEROY AUTOMATION will be present at the MTIJ Trade fair (Japan)

Visit LEROY AUTOMATION and our local partner JUPITOR @Booth #I-11
Nov. 29th to Dec. 1st, 2017 – Makuhari Messe, Chiba

LEROY AUTOMATION will be present at the FutureRail India Summit

Meet LEROY AUTOMATION at the 2nd Annual Future Rail India Summit
7-8 December 2017, Hotel Sheraton New Delhi - India


Leroy Automation est membre de l'association Mipirail pour la promotion de l'activité ferroviaire en région Occitanie.

MIPIRAIL is a regional cluster of firms involved in the railway industry.  The cluster counts already more than 30 members. The members have built strategic alliances in order to develop innovating product solutions for the rolling stock manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and infrastructure companies. MIPIRAIL is a regional project for a global approach promoting all railway-related applications.

SNCF adopts ACS25 in Traction SubStations

SNCF has successfully deployed LEROY's most advanced
and highly-secured ACS25 control-command solution in fixed electrical traction substations. 

This product integrates the most stringent requirements
from the prestigious authority,
and passed very demanding approbation tests for nearly 24 months. 

Field tests are now running successfully since the first quarter of 2016
in the Invalides substations in Paris, France.
Such SNCF homologation testing period will last for one full year.

The ACS25 is the next system generation for existing programmable logic control (PLC) units.
It offers better product reliability and maintenability, as well as higher system availability and intrinsic safety features ;
while matching very optimized cost of ownership.

High Speed PWM outputs for Motor Control and Traction

As a key TCMS player in the railway industry for several decades, LEROY AUTOMATION highlights its product range with customizable pulse-width modulation(PMW) features.
The main technical features are:         
Up to 6 PWM outputs at a frequency up to 1KHz
Configurable PWM frequency and duty cycle with a resolution respectively of 1Hz and 1% 
Flexibility for "H-bridge"circuitry implementation and cabling.

PWM outputs can easily be configured as standard outputs of the BRIO remote I/O module product line based on solid-state discrete outputs.
Typical applications include: HVAC subsystems, door control systems, lavatory automation, traction powerpacks and various DC motor applications.

Confirmation of the IRIS certification

LRQA confirms, as an IRIS approved certification, that the Management System of LEROY AUTOMATION has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the International Railway Industry Standard Rev2.

DownloadIRIS Certificate
Size:63 kB


LEROY AUTOMATION has been awarded a major contract by SIEMENS
to supply the Vehicle Control and Monitoring System (VCMS) architecture
for their newest generation of automated passenger transportation platforms.

The CityVal trains are supervised
by a Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) driverless system,
and LEROY AUTOMATION will provide the heart and brains of the VCMS architecture.
The scope of supply includes on-board train control units,
remote I/O modules and train monitoring system recorders

New Remote I/O modules

Best-in-Class Remote I/O Modules

The BRIO remote I/O modules are a complete range
of railway-compliant I/O interfaces
supporting all train field bus
and communication networks (RS-485, CAN 2.0 and Ethernet).
The BRIO product line is a flexible,
EN 50155-compliant I/O unit
used by market leaders in international projects
for on-board and wayside control,
communication and monitoring system architectures.

The solution is fully  configurable, modular and scaleable

SNCF : PLC for electrical substation management

With our partner Fournié Grospaud Synerys,

LEROY AUTOMATION won the contract
for SNCF substation PLC.

This new generation will be deployed
from the 1st quarter of 2017. 

DCNS : Remote Input/Output modules (Charles de Gaulle Aircraft carrier)

In 2017, LEROY AUTOMATION provides
a new generation of remote input/output modules
for acquisition and control/command
of Electricity, Security and Hull systems
aboard the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

BRIO modules aboard the PRASA suburban trains

Leroy Automation has started the manufacturing
of BRIO remote I/O modules to equip
the new 3,600 XTrapolis Mega coaches developed by ALSTOM TRANSPORT. 

This massive contract features scheduled deliveries from 2015 to 2025
for the production of all the 600 XTrapolis Mega train-sets.
More than 14,000 BRIO modules will be manufactured
and integrated as standalone I/O modules
in the AGATE (Advanced Generic Alstom Transport Electronics)
Link 3 TCMS architecture.

RATP : anti-intrusion / burglary of ticket offices

Since 1996,
alarm systems based on LT200 Straton PLC.

The new generation is
suitable for all sites (ticket offices),
connected to the central monitoring system
with Ethernet networks and vocal devices. 

Installations : 2016 and 2017.

Interactive virtual Fair

Leroy Automation's virtual booth goes live onlineIn partnership with the "Pole d'excellence Quebecois en transport terrestre", Leroy Automation joined the world's first and permanent interactive virtual trade fair in ground transportation.

This is a unique hub for connecting with technical experts, and to browse Leroy's control, communication, monitoring and diagnostic solutions in an innovative and eco-friendly way.

Reduce your carbon footprint and company expenses by taking a virtual tour of the Leroy Automation booth, which is available in two versions:

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