OEM Products

These products have been designed according to the customer specifications.
They are not available for sale.

EN50155 railway products

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RIOM Generation 1

First generation of EN50155 modules
Based on LT160 modular version
FIP protocol

Several thousands of PLC sold

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TMCU and TMRT based on RIOM G1 (see above)
protected by IP67 boxes
Designed by LEROY AUTOMATION for the Northern Line of London underground

RIA12 electromagnetic compatibility 
Circular 0 halogen thermoplastic connectors

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Dimension : 360x160x100 mm
16 inputs -52V / 20mA
6 relay outputs 3A 

1 WorldFIP channel + 1 serial RS485 link 

Dimension  : 550x270x320 mm
96 inputs -52V/20mA

1 WorldFIP channel + 8 serial RS485 links

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RIOM Generation 3 (FIP protocol)

2nd generation of EN50155 modules
Box version based on Alto format
FIP Protocol

Designed by LEROY AUTOMATION for Paris MF2000 underground

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TER-2N Rack

RIOM generation 1 in Rack

designed for french Regional Express Trains

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MT-MA modules for Navy

Remote input/output modules in cassette
for the management of utilities in
Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

4 models :
16 inputs/16 outputs
24 inputs/ 8 relay outputs
32 inputs
8 analog inputs

Modbus Protocol

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