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Suitability between Software workbenchs and hardware targets
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Configuration tool OPAL32

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OPAL32 is a configuration tool for the LT160.

It is suitable for a quick start-up, for straightforward applications without complex software skills and requirements.

It allows the modular configuration with a list of boards.
It activates smart embedded functions : duration counters, edge counters, input filtering , output blinking, monostable outputs, analog value converter,etc …

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script language

It allows simple processing tasks : boolean equations, temporisations, threshold calculation, network frame triggers, ... with a simple script language.

It allows to build the Modbus mapping and to monitoring on-line diagnosis.

IEC61131-3 programing : STRATON of COPALP company

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embedded web pages

targets : LT200    LT Energy

STRATON is the IEC61131-3 workbench of the Copalp company.

Download the user manual LT200 Straton

* Data storage (1Mbyte max)
* Embedded web pages
* FTP server
* Ethernet DNP3.0 level 2 slave protocol
* Serial DNP3.0 level 2 slave protocol
* Modbus master and slave protocols
* Straton binding protocol

IEC61131-3 programming : Isagraf V3

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Isagraf V3

Targets : Isagraf Alto , Isagraf LT160 , LT Energy

The Isagraf workbench is a workbench published by the Isagraf Rockwell Automation company.

It uses the 5 IEC61131-3 languages :

* SFC : Sequential Flow Chart (Grafcet)
* ST : Structured text
* LD : Ladder diagram
* IL : Instruction list
* FC : Flow chart (logic diagram)

If you need a formation, you can contact the technical support.

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Isagraf V3

LEROY AUTOMATION provides software libraries
to add support for the Leroy boards in the Isagraf workbench. 

Upload and download of the programs
through serial channel or Ethernet channel.

Linux software development kit

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Eclipse IDE - LT200 C programming



The SDK features a compact implementation of the GNU/Linux operating system based on the 2.6 Linux kernel release. It has been optimised for use on Leroy Automation platforms, pre-loaded and configured into the embedded flash memory. This offers an embedded version of Linux with proven background, combined with a high reliability journaling Flash File System.

Download the Linux SDK brochure

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* 2.6.12 based Linux kernel release

* Complete GNU tool chain : ARM C/C++ cross compiler (GCC), Remote debugger (GDB), GNU C/C++ standard libraries.

* Journaling Flash File System (JFFS2) offering high reliability and recovery from power interruptions and giving 6 MB on board Flash disk space.

* Linux devices drivers for peripherals : I/O boards, serial links, memories

* Protocols : DHCP client, FTP server, SNMP agent (V1, V2c, V3), Telnet server, web server supporting both static and, via CGI, dynamic HTML pages , Modbus TCP protocol (master and slave), Asynchronous Modbus protocol (master and slave)

Our SDK can be installed on any Linux distribution integrating the following standard services : DHCP server, Network File System Server (NFS), TFTP server. NB : Leroy develops on Linux OpenSUSE.

Our GNU tool chain can be fully integrated with ECLIPSE platform and the C Development Tool to become a complete IDE free of charge.

Configuration tools for quick set up products

WebIO is a HTML interface embedded in the WebIO Alto only.  See the specific page about WebIO Alto.

TESIS32 is a very simple configuration tool for basic TES. See the specific page about basic TES.

DLL for PC : Modbus TCP or asynchronous Modbus master

This DLL allows a Modbus TCP master protocol on a PC Ethernet channel.
OS : Win32.  TCP/IP stack : WinSock 2.0

This DLL has allowed to build the Tabdial tool

Download the presentation (in French language only)

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