TES : RS485/RS232 Modbus modules

Basic TES

Hardware specifications

TES is a smart remote input/ouput module on RS485 link.
It is a asynchronous Modbus slave.

* TES is housed in rugged aluminium enclosures with polycarbonate face.
* Screw terminal connectors allow easy connection. 
* Dimensions : Width x Height x Depth =134 x 130 x 64 mm
* Voltage power : 24Vcc
* Pluggable wiring connectors
* 1 RS485/422 serial link with slave Modbus protocol.
* 1 RS232 serial link for maintenance or modem connection
* Protection IP 205
* Operating temperature : 0 - 60°C
* Fixing : asymmetrical G 32mm DIN rail mounting   or  symmetrical DIN rail mounting

* Watch dog system

Download the TES brochure

Download the TES user manual

IO Referencenb of logical inputsnb of logical outputsnb of analog inputsnb of analog outputs
P TES 32 ET32   
P TES 32 ST 32  
P TES 32EST1616  
P TES 16 EST88  
P TES 16 EST REM88 relays  
P TES 8EA448 
P TES 8SA44 8
P TES 8ESA4444
P TES 4EA444 
P TES 4SA44 4

Software specifications and configuration tool : TESIS32

Basic TES is a RS485 asynchronous Modbus slave.
Locally, the basic TES 
- can filter inputs between 0 and 32765 ms
- memorizes the state changes of inputs if the communication with the master is KO
- counts rising edges and falling egdes of inputs
- counts the duration of states
- can blink the outputs
- can store the last 120 values of analog inputs
- can filter the analog inputs (average of the last N values)
- can convert the analog inputs (points) to process units
- can activate logical outputs if an analog value exceeds a threshold

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TESIS tool allows
- to configurate and activate embedded functions
- to test inputs and outputs

Download the TESIS User manual

TES "Mirror"

A TES mirror and a basic TES make up a pair :
The mirror TES (Modbus master) transmits the states of its inputs to the outputs of a remote basic TES (modbus slave number 1) and the other way round.

Mirror TES is self-starting. No configuration. No software tool.

Up to 3 km between Mirror TES (master) and Basic TES (slave)

NB : the mirror TES user manual is included in the basic TES user manual (download)

Matching pairs
Mirror TESBasic TES
16 logical inputs / 16 logical outputs (P TES M 32EST)16 logical inputs / 16 logical outputs (P TES 32EST)
32 logical inputs (P TES M 32ET)32 logical outputs (P TES 32ST)
4 in/4out analog channels (P TES M 8ESA)4 in/4out analog channels (P TES 8ESA)
4 analog outputs ( P TES M 8SA)4 analog inputs (P TES 8EA)

TES "Gateway"

The TES "Gateway" is a RS485 Modbus master and a RS232 Modbus slave.
On the RS485, it manages data exchanges with numerous modbus slaves, packs data in a single database for a master (PLC or SCADA) on the RS232 link

TES Gateway take charge on behalf of PLC couplers or computer communications boards of all polling procedures for refreshing or retrieve the contents of the word or bit registers of any type of Modbus slave.

The software tool HERMES allows :
- to define the Modbus master frames  to the slaves
- to build the modbus mapping to the PLC or SCADA master

Download the HERMES user manual

TES "Chronology"

The TES "Chronology" provides a date and time stamp for each event. Only the 32 inputs TES model implements this service. 
The resolution is 2ms.
The precision between 5ms and 10ms depends of the synchronisation frequency.

Two models :
* TES-CSE : Chronology with Synchronization by Input (Entrée in French) (silk-screen printing : TES Chrono2000)
* TES-CST : Chronology with Synchronization by Frame (Trame in French) (silk-screen printing : TES Chrono32ET)

TES CSx can store the last 256 events. Very quick start up.
Suitable for electrical stations and electrical power management.

Download "le manuel utilisateur du TES chronologie" (French only)

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