Safety sites

All systems use digital inputs with remote control of wire sensor (4 states).

Anti-intrusion systems

Surveillance system of
AIRBUS headquarters (Toulouse)
with LT160

Surveillance of Atomic Energy Plant

Anti-intrusion systen for
French Atomic Energy Authority site (CEA)
with OPAL LT160.

Ras Tanura Oil terminal

A anti-intrusion system for
Aramco oil terminal of Ras Tanura (Saudi Arabia)

with Isagraf Alto and webIO Alto.

Systems in a harsh electromagnetic environment

TDF emitter (copyright TDF)

Management of energy
of broadcast transmitters for
TDF (French Broadcasting Company)

with LT160 and TES

Surveillance systems

- Surveillance and control of airfield landing runway lights with TES

- Surveillance of thermal and cold station (Paris Airports) with LT160

- Surveillance of escalators with TES

- Surveillance of ticket office in Paris underground company (RATP) with LT160

- Surveillance of tramway stations (CAEN city, LYON city) with ALTO

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