Critical embedded systems

Train Autonome Newslstter (1)

Autonomous trains are capable of gathering data about their surroundings, detect obstacles and drive safely without human intervention.   Trains equipped with autonomous technology use artificial intelligence to “analyse”, “think” and “move”

BRIO Newsletter (1)

Leroy Automation is well-known for its optimized remote I/O modules deployed in Train Control and Management System (“TCMS”) architectures.  Nowadays, we are successfully implementing our BRIO platforms on-board signalling applications such as metro and subways’ Communication-Based

« FEDD » is a highly qualified electronic manufacturing services company, and represents our industrial group during the trade convention “EUROSATORY” from June 13th to 17th , 2022 ( LEROY AUTOMATION’s modular

Some good news LEROY AUTOMATION is proud to become an Authorized Economic Operator (#AEO) for the combination of customs simplification (#AEOC), as well as security and safety (#AEOS). The #AEO concept is based on the

For more than a decade, Leroy Automation targets the IRIS Certification as a major milestone for continuous improvement strategy regarding internal processes and best business practices to reach the highest level of

SIFER 2021

SIFER 2021, 12th International Railway trade show in Lille – Grand Palais. As part of the Railway “wolf-pack” of Cluster TOTEM, Leroy Automation will be exhibiting at SIFER2021 on Oct.