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Experience Railway Innovation by Leroy Automation at APTA EXPO 2023 – Booth #1606!

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Experience Railway Innovations by Leroy Automation @ APTA EXPO 2023 - Booth #1606!"

We couldn’t be there last time ; but here we are now!  APTA’s TRANSform Conference and EXPO, the public transportation and transit tradeshow, will take place on Oct. 9-11, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

Join us at APTA EXPO 2023, the public transportation industry’s leading event, where Leroy Automation will be showcasing cutting-edge solutions alongside with MIOS ElettronicaBooth #1606. 


APTA EXPO serves as the ultimate networking platform for advanced mobility systems, featuring the most ground-breaking technologies, innovative products, and railway engineering services.

Discover innovative solutions designed to increase train traffic, to revolutionize the train driver experience, to leverage automation technologies, to ensure improved security and safety, as well as enhancing railway system-wide reliability. We are committed to pushing the boundaries and driving the future of public transportation.

During those 3 days of exhibition, Leroy Automation will showcase a variety of IEC 60571-compliant electronic components and solutions for train control and monitoring system (TCMS) architectures, auxiliary converters and traction inverters as well as on-board signalling applications including: 

  • Fail-safe modular programmable logic controllers (PLC) ;
  • High-end powerful vehicle control units (VCU) ;
  • Basic integrity and SIL2-certified remote I/O modules and solid-state power controllers (SSPC) ;
  • Hardware DATADIODE devices for Cyber-security user-cases ;
  • As well as cost-effective field-bus adapter gateways to support rail industry communication standards : IEC 61375-2-3 TRDP, EtherNet/IP – CIP, IPTcom, MVB, PROFIBUS, RS-485/RS-422 serial links, World FIP, Lon Works, HTPS, NF F 69-010 Current Loop, and so on…

Do not miss this opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities that LEROY Automation and MIOS Elettronica have to offer. Join us at booth #1606 and take part of the transformative journey towards a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable transportation system.

Looking forward to meeting you in Orlando !