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How Leroy Automation Contributes to the Digital Train Revolution

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How Leroy Automation Contributes to the Digital Train Revolution

Leroy Automation collaborates with leading rolling stock manufacturers such as Alstom to develop remote I/O modules and semiconductor power controller components essential for autonomous passenger trains. By integrating artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, cameras, radars, lidars, and embedded software, these systems enable safe navigation without human intervention. Leroy Automation’s expertise in automating railway operations translates into increased precision and reliability of trains, thanks to traction management, braking, and signaling systems that optimize performance and reduce the risk of human errors.


Furthermore, Leroy Automation implements predictive maintenance solutions, anticipating equipment failures by analyzing real-time data from sensors installed on trains and railway infrastructure, thus reducing unexpected downtime. Their development of advanced communication and signaling solutions enhances traffic flow and operational safety, including scalable radio communication systems, electronic signaling, and railway traffic management solutions. Through these innovations, Leroy Automation plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of the railway sector, laying the groundwork for future advancements in rail transport.

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