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Integration of Crash Proof Solid State Memory Device for Train Maintenance

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Leroy CPSM1000 E32

LEROY’s on-board Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is able to manage its own train control logic, and to establish an Ethernet NFS communication link with the CPSM1000-E32 crash proof solid state memory device. Event logs and user data files, including HD CCTV videos, can be recorded remotely into the standalone CPSM1000-E32. The capacity of each IP-based network-attached storage (NAS) is up to 32GB.

The VCU can transfer the recorded data to TCMS or wayside infrastructure via existing mobile networks or WiFi at stations ; or data may be retrieved using a user-friendly PC-based software tool for investigation or maintenance analytics.

This fully integrated solution is qualified according to the EN 50155 and IEC 60571 standards for vibration, shock and temperature; EN 50121-3-2 for EMC and IEEE Std 1482.1-1999standard for static pressure, penetration protection, shock, thermal load, fluid immersion and hydrostatic pressure; as well as IEC 62625-1 for on-board driving data recording system of rolling stock vehicles such as trams, transit and high-speed trains.