Critical embedded systems

Leroy Automation


Leroy Automation, a member of the AGÔN Electronics group, is a human-sized company led by a team of men and women dedicated to their passion for embedded electronic systems.

We favour long-term investment to support our Clients and Partners; and rely on the excellent quality of our products and solutions.

Customers, Suppliers and our Teams are at the heart of the company’s development.


Leroy Automation designs and develops an “off-the-shelf” catalog product offering for its four main areas of activity: Railways, Energy, Defense, and the security of sensitive industrial sites.

To adapt to the needs of our customers, we also develop an engineering activity: product adaptation, product design according to customer specifications, system integration, development of specific software applications, reliability (RAM) and security (RAMS) analysis, obsolescence analysis, etc.

economic model

The business model is a sustainable model of an industrial product company with support for services around its offer: application software development, adaptation to specific standards, maintenance and repair services, maintenance in operational conditions, technical support support, end-of-life management, etc.

Leroy Automation finances its financing through the margin from the sale of its products.


Leroy Automation designs, industrializes, manufactures and markets automation products and components for the Railway, Energy, Defense & Safety and Industrial Automation (AI) markets.

Specialized in on-board railway applications, Leroy Automation offers TCMS architectures and turnkey control solutions.


The company is positioned in the market as a supplier of products, systems and integrated solutions for harsh environments, with a high level of reliability, which can partially or intrinsically meet operational safety needs.

Through a pro-active CSR approach, and has been doing so for more than a decade, Leroy Automation pursues a sustainable development and eco-design approach in order to reduce its environmental footprint.


Leroy Automation manages the complete life-cycle of its products, from feasibility studies and design to after-sales service and active obsolescence management.

For the railway market, the highest criteria are used for product qualification, with safe design margins, ensuring our customers harsh-environment- resistant products.


Member of Cluster Totem

Lero Automation is taking part of Cluster Totem association which is a regional project for a global approach promoting all railway-related applications.

Cluster Totem is a regional cluster of firms involved in the railway industry. The members have built strategic alliances in order to develop innovating product solutions for the rolling stock manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and infrastructure companies.


​The Occitanie region and the European Union are supporting us in the research and development of innovative products for railway and “energy” application.

Member Of Cluster Primus

Leroy Automation is a member of the Cluster Pimus association for the promotion of defence and security activity in Occitanie.


Cluster Primus is a regional group of companies involved in Defence and Security



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