Critical embedded systems


Phitech provides accessibility solutions for visually impaired individuals. Its team of experts accompanies you throughout your projects. Phitech facilitates accessibility in infrastructure, transportation, and buildings, notably through its remote controls


SINCE 1996, Leroy Automation has been providing ALSTOM : remote input/output modules of the RIOM and BRIO type RIOM car computers In all types of TCMS: trams; subway; intercity train;


LEROY AUTOMATION is actively involved in the design of the SIEMENS CityVal TCMS and provides the VCU (RIOM range) in the automatic metros. the latest achievements Automatic Metro – Rennes


LEROY AUTOMATION supplied to the Moroccan National Railway Office (ONCF) event recorders based on LT PLC for the stations of Sidi Yahya, Tangier Morora, Settat, Youssoufia, Sidi Daoui, Marrakech, Sidi


Since 1996, LEROY AUTOMATION has been supplying THALES with programmable controllers from the LT range to equip its radars. From 1996 to 2006, for the Master radars, Leroy Automation has


Since 1995, Leroy Automation has installed many products on French Navy vessels. MODULES MX “LT” PLC LEROY AUTOMATION has deployed several hundred acquisition and control modules of the MX range