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Railway Embedded Controller & Remote IO

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EN 50155 / IEC 60571

Railway Embedded Controller & Remote IO

Application note

TRDP communication

TRDP (Train Real-time Data Protocol) is a new Ethernet communication protocol dedicated to TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) applications.

TRDP is defined in the IEC 61375-2-3 standard: this standard specifies rules for the data exchange between consists in trains, in order to define a TCN (Train Communication Network) communication profile.

The objective of the communication profile is to ensure interoperability between consists of the trains with respect to the exchange of information.

This communication profile is adhered to the Ethernet Train Backbone (ETB) technology as defined in IEC 61375-2-5 standard. TRDP is also used in Ethernet Consist Network (ECN) technology as defined in IEC 61375-3-4 standard.

This application note describes TRDP communications over ETB and ECN networks.

TRDP is now available on all new Leroy Automation Ethernet devices designed for train.