History of the company

Since 1983, each year, Leroy automation improves and perpetuates its products :  


Developments of safety products for OEM : Fire safety vehicle control unit (SIL2/SIL3)


Energy market : Release of the LT Energy 2nd generation

2010-2012 : Release of the BRIO Range

Railway market : Release of the BRIO

2010 : Railway certifications



International Railway Industry Standard
It is a globally recognized standard unique to the railway sector for the evaluation of management systems.
IRIS Rev 02, V 2.1   -  Scope 9   - 10.09.2010

2008-2009 : Release of RIOM EtherNet/IP (Generation 4) for Railway TCMS

see RIOM EtherNet/IP (TM)

More than 30000 RIOMs sold since the first generation !

2007 : Release of LT200 (3rd LT generation)

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- New CPU
- New OS : Linux 2.6
- New free SDK (C programmation with GCC/GDB) .
- Operating temperature : -40°C / +70°C 
- compatible with I/O boards of LT160 (2nd generation)

2006 : Release of the RIOM MVB (Generation 3)

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3rd generation of EN50155 products

RIOM over MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus protocol)
for railway embedded systems

2003 -2005: Release of RIOM FIP (Generation 2) for railways TCMS

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2nd generation of EN50155 products

Box packaging
FIP protocol

End-user customer : RATP (MF2000 project)

2000-2002 : Release of ALTO Range

ALTO WebIO : an industrial Remote Input Output Module over Ethernet with embedded HTTP server :

- Modbus/TCP slave
- Emails if events
- Trap SNMP if events
- Quick start up with HTML pages in the embedded web site.

Trophy of innovation at AUTOMATION FAIR 2001

Alto Isagraf : micro PLC IEC61131-3

1999 : ISO9001 Certification

Leroy Automation achieves
the ISO9001 Certification from DNV
for design, manufacturing, sales and associated services of automation products.

1998 : Release of LT Energy (1st generation)

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The LT Energy is based on LT160 PLC,
Suitable for High-voltage energy management
 in electrical substations.

1997 : Railway business area : Release of RIOM Generation 1

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1st generation of EN50155 products

based on LT160 format,
EN50155 railway PLC
FIP protocol
(Factory Instrumentation Protocol or Field Industrial Protocol).

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Waterproof version

1996-1998 : Release of LT160 (2nd LT generation)

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Update of the LT100 PLC :
- new processor
- Operating temperature : -20°C / + 70°C
- new OPAL workbench (Windows NT)

Isagraf programming (IEC61131-3)

1992-1995 : Release of the remote input/output platform LT100 (1st LT generation)

In opposition to the TES range, LT100 is a modular Input/Output system.

Configuration tool : Quick set up with OPAL workbench.

Operating temperatures : -10°C / +60°C 

1992-1993 : Marine business area : Release of TES range for "Charles de Gaulle" aircraft carrier.

Update of the TES product to meet Navy's specifications.
Cassette packaging.

1988 - 1991 : Release of the modbus remote input/ouput range : TES

TES : Remote Input Output Module over Modbus protocol. Astonishing success ! First RIOM over standard protocol compatible with all main PLC of the moment. Beginning of the decentralization of the IO.

The TES Chronology (32 inputs) detects digital events with 5 ms resolution.
suitable for low voltage electrical substations.

TES Gateway
Application on the TES board to ask quickly numerous modbus slaves and provide to the master (PLC, PC, supervisor) a single table. 

25000 products sold

1984 - 1987 : Release of the TDI range

TDI is an industrial human machine interface : display with IP65 keyboard

1984 :  20 characters display. Up to 2000 lines of text. PBNET Slave. Set up with the French MINITEL terminal.

1985 : 80 characters display. Jbus master and slave.

1986 : Set up with DOS Personal Computer : new tool in the industry.

1987 : release of Ex version

The TDI range is discontinued since 2008.

1983 : Foundation

LEROY AUTOMATION starts up with two activities :

- Design of products for industry area

- Programming services in industry on Merlin Gerin PLC (PB400, PB80, PB200) and SMC PLC.

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