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Application note : Train-2-Ground Communications and Localisation

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Application note : Train-2-Ground Communications and Localisation

Unlocking the full potential of passenger and freight traffic while positively impacting CO2 emissions reduction hinges on digitalization to enhance next-generation train system architectures. The pursuit of highly accurate and real-time localization for trains, trams, and locomotives has emerged as a critical focus since the integration of GNSS into train localization within ERTMS deployment. Additionally, AI-powered intelligent traffic management systems leveraging multi-sensor setups are propelling Automated Train Operation (ATO) and the adoption of ETCS Level 2/3 moving block technology.

In our application notes, we delve into the seamless integration of AGON Electronics’ on-board train controllers and remote I/O modules, along with IP-based connectivity, with third-party global navigation satellite systems, as well as WiFi/LTE radio transmitter interfaces provided by our trusted partners, ACKSYS and ANTONICS.

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The integrated solution offers a compelling use-case, supporting carborne digital train system architectures for train-centric localization, and enabling provisional big data analytics to enhance fleet management and predictive maintenance.

For more in-depth information, download our application notes below.