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Leroy Automation & Fournié Grospaud: 25 years of innovation

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Leroy Automation & Fournié Grospaud: 25 years of innovation

Leroy Automation supplies the “safety and control”(ACS) component of electrical traction substations. The ACS rugged PLCs are integrated into the Fournié Grospaud Energie control cabinets. This subsidiary of the Vinci Energies group is “SNCF Réseau”‘s main supplier for this type of safety equipment. Their cabinets are found in more than 500 electric substations of SNCF Réseau that provide power to the 29,000 km of French railways in operation.


On one hand, the ACS automation systems ensure the opening and closing of the electrical power circuit for the relevant section of railway track. On the other hand, they monitor the quality of the supplied electricity, detect potential faults, and ensure the safety of the installation. ACS25, the most widely used version on the French network, has the advantage of being modular. The operator can customize the automation system based on the type of power supply in the substation, the required number of inputs/outputs, and the communication protocol used. It can be remotely controlled through an RTU module under the HNZ protocol. The automation system can also be locally controlled through a PC supervisor, allowing visualization of the status of inputs/outputs and operation of the installation’s devices (circuit breakers, disconnectors, switches).

Finally, a touchscreen installed on each automation system allows access and control in maintenance mode, as well as visualization of the main operating parameters.