SATURN : Safety remote I/O platform

This product was developed in collaboration with the company CLEARSY :

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SATURN is a new platform featuring high-robustness and availability for safety solutions.It is easy to configure and very efficient. This platform reduces the cabling architecture and associated cost.

The SATURN basic system architecture includes :
* One gateway
* One power-supply module
* Several Input/Output modules
* An innovative ring network

The gateway collects periodically all the input signal states and drives the outputs through the dedicated communication ring network. It ensures also communication with a higher level system using Ethernet based links, CAN, RS422/485.

An innovative ring network

* Two unidirectional reverse channels
* Redundant ring of power supply
* 1 ms deterministic cycle for 32 I/O modules
* Safety internal and external protocols
* Permanent diagnosis functions
* Up to 1,000 m between modules
* Up to 12 Mbits/s for 100 m repetition distance
* Up to 128 modules per ring

* Availability : 100% network operability during a single failure

* Safety : Mixed SIL2 and SIL4 I/O modules and gateway

* Wiring cost savings :
I/O modules can be moved as close to the needs
I/O modules of different SIL may be integrated on the same ring network

* Determinism : Communication based on a configurable cycle time from 1 ms to 255 ms
* Speed : 512 SIL0 I/O managed in less than 1 ms / 300 SIL2 I/O managed in less than 3 ms

An integrated workbench (PC based tool)

* System configuration

* Maintenance

* Diagnostic/Real time monitoring

List of modules

* Power supply 72VDC 85W (SIL0)

* Gateway 2 Ethernet+1x RS485 +1 CAN channels (SIL2)

*4 digital inputs module (SIL2)
* 4 digital relay outputs module (SIL2)
* 12 configurable digital I/O + 4 solid state relay outputs module (SIL0)

Modules in progress : SIL4 modules (April 2017)

* Gateway
* 2 digital inputs module
* 2 digital outputs module

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