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SIFER 2019

LEROY AUTOMATION is pleased to invite you to attend the 11th edition of SIFER, France's only international fair dedicated exclusively on the rail market.

We will showcase our portfolio of EN 50155-compliant on-board railway automation platforms including vehicle control units (VCU), remote I/O modules (RIOM) and field-bus train communication gateways (MVB, Ethernet, CAN 2.0 A/B).

During the trade fair, our field application engineers will demonstrate how to leverage train control and management systems (TCMS) architectures based on Leroy Automation's technology and SIL2 safety requiremen

A new life starts for TCDD's E14000 EMUs

A consortium of Turkish technology companies completed the modernization of the first set of three-car electric multiple units of Turkish State Railways (TCDD).

The new train control and management system of the E14000 EMUs implements LEROY AUTOMATION's TCMS hardware solutions which feature high-performance VCU and highly reliable I/O modules.

The modernised trains made their first trial trips on the Köseköy-Arifiye section of the Istanbul - Ankara line.

Thanks to the successful cooperation of the consortium partners, LEROY AUTOMATION is proud to take part of such a structuring project.


La nouvelle adresse
de tous les services de Leroy Automation est :

250 rue Max Planck
31670 LABEGE

Nouveaux locaux plus spacieux
et plus fonctionnels pour mieux vous accueillir.

Confirmation of the IRIS certification

LRQA confirms, as an IRIS approved certification,
that the Management System of LEROY AUTOMATION
has been assessed and found to be in accordance
with the "International Railway Industry Standard" Certification rules 2017
based on ISO/TS 22163:2017
for the activities of Design and Development and Maintenance and Manufacturing
for the scope of certification : 08 (Control apparatus for train operations),
design, manufacture and maintenance
of computer network and electronic products
and systems including those with Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

TéléchargerIRIS Certificate
Taille : 197 ko

Success story : Double Deck EMU trains M7 for SNCB-NMBS

Société nationale des Chemins de fer belges (SNCB)

Customer : Alstom Transportation / Bombardier
Initial contract : 445 cars (90 trains)
Delivery : TCMS components

Energy Exchange Controllers

Energy Exchange Controller

Success story : NEOVAL - GoA4 Driverless automated metro cars

City Of RENNES (FRANCE) - Line B
Customer : SIEMENS

Supply of VCMS hardware architecture. Software integration.

Units :
Vehicle Control Unit
Remote I/O modules

Success story : SANTIAGO de CHILE - Metro Lines 2 and 5

SANTIAGO de CHILE - Lines 2 & 5
Customer : ALSTOM

Units :
Remote I/O modules of the TCMS
TMS Event recorder

Success story : AMTRAK ACELA

Very High Speed ACELA trains for the Northeast corridor Customer : ALSTOM

Units :
Remote I/O modules of the TCMS

SNCF : automates de gestion de sous stations électriques

Avec l'aide de notre partenaire
Fournié Grospaud Energie,

LEROY AUTOMATION fournit des automates
pour les sous stations électriques de la SNCF.

La nouvelle génération ACS25
est déployée depuis 2016.

Ces automates sont programmés
avec l'atelier STRATON de CopaData France .

Success story : City of OTTAWA - CITADIS


Customer : ALSTOM

Units :
Remote I/O modules of the TCMS

Success story : BRIO modules aboard the PRASA suburban trains

Leroy Automation has started the manufacturing
of BRIO remote I/O modules to equip
the new 3,600 XTrapolis Mega coaches developed by ALSTOM TRANSPORT. 

This massive contract features scheduled deliveries from 2015 to 2025
for the production of all the 600 XTrapolis Mega train-sets.
More than 14,000 BRIO modules will be manufactured
and integrated as standalone I/O modules
in the AGATE (Advanced Generic Alstom Transport Electronics)
Link 3 TCMS architecture.

High Speed PWM outputs for Motor Control and Traction

As a key TCMS player in the railway industry for several decades, LEROY AUTOMATION highlights its product range with customizable pulse-width modulation(PMW) features.
The main technical features are:         
Up to 6 PWM outputs at a frequency up to 1KHz
Configurable PWM frequency and duty cycle with a resolution respectively of 1Hz and 1% 
Flexibility for "H-bridge"circuitry implementation and cabling.

PWM outputs can easily be configured as standard outputs of the BRIO remote I/O module product line based on solid-state discrete outputs.
Typical applications include: HVAC subsystems, door control systems, lavatory automation, traction powerpacks and various DC motor applications.


LEROY AUTOMATION has been awarded a major contract by SIEMENS
to supply the Vehicle Control and Monitoring System (VCMS) architecture
for their newest generation of automated passenger transportation platforms.

The CityVal trains are supervised
by a Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) driverless system,
and LEROY AUTOMATION will provide the heart and brains of the VCMS architecture.
The scope of supply includes on-board train control units,
remote I/O modules and train monitoring system recorders

Naval Group : Modules d'acquisition sur le Porte Avions Charles de Gaulle

Avec l'aide de la DCNS,
LEROY AUTOMATION déploie depuis début 2017
de nouveaux modules d'acquisition et de commande pour 
le Porte Avions Charles de Gaulle.

Ces modules sont programmés avec
l'atelier STRATON de CopaData France.


Leroy Automation est membre de l'association Mipirail pour la promotion de l'activité ferroviaire en région Occitanie.

MIPIRAIL is a regional cluster of firms involved in the railway industry.  The cluster counts already more than 30 members. The members have built strategic alliances in order to develop innovating product solutions for the rolling stock manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and infrastructure companies. MIPIRAIL is a regional project for a global approach promoting all railway-related applications.

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