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BRIO MVB, the Swiss army knife of on-board train controls and rail signalling apps

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BRIO-MVB integrates the multifunction vehicle bus (MVB) for internal train communication interface and for the acquisition of sensor data in light rail vehicles (LRV), subway cars, intercity passenger and very high-speed trains, as well as in the most powerful locomotives. It is fully compliant with the IEC 61375 standard.

Two MVB product versions are available: ESD+ (electrical short distance) or EMD (electrical medium distance), and serve as train communication network adapter with built-in diagnostic and I/O monitoring functions.

Other interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN 2.0 and/or RS-485 are also available. Those field-bus train communication ports would enhance the BRIO-MVB with ready-to-use embedded gateway features.

Designed for on-board train control and rail signalling applications, BRIO is fully compliant with the EN 50155 standard.

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