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On-board the M7 double-deck trains for Belgian Railways

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LEROY AUTOMATION has successfully completed the integration of a new automation function for energy management on-board SNCB-NMBS’s M7 double-deck trains : BRIO CEE.

This system features optimized control algorithmsreal-time monitoring and web-enabled maintenance diagnostic functions to manage the eventual failures of auxiliary power converters equipped on-board M7 EMU trains.

The benefit of our solution is to recover in energy failing train cars by managing the power sharing from adjascent cars. The ultimate goal is to avoid electrical power disruption services on essential interfaces to guarantee the travellers’ experience and comfort. Those systems will contribute to the improvement of the overall quality of services offered to passengers such as continuous power supply availability for USB plugs and 230Vac power sockets, HVAC and selected electrical subsystems.

All concerned M7 rolling stock vehicles will be fully equiped with LEROY’s high-performance solution by the ALSTOMBOMBARDIER consortium. In addition, our equipment is fully compatible and interoperable with the previous generation of SNCB-NMBS’s M6 train cars.